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A Soviet production: Kurama Variant of Manas

Аннотация: During the Soviet Union era, the Soviet policies on the ethnic identities and the folkloric works, which are actally the important elements of socio-cultural memory, were applied in line with the politics of common nationality. This dominant ideology which aimed at creating a new Soviet Identity or Homo Sovieticus, meant to establish the elements of this new identity on its own terms. While doing so, Stalin’s principle Socialist in essence, Soviet in form was idealized. From the late 1940s to the mid-1950s, the smear campaigns against the old Turkish legends were carried out in accordance with this principle. One of the important decisions taken in Manas Conference, organized in Kirghizistan in 1952, was preparing a new Kurama Variant, which would wipe out those characteristics in the Manas Legend that were thought not to be in line with the Soviet Revolution. Kurama Variant was prepared and published in two volumes in 1958 in accordance with the decision taken at Manas Conference.

Ключевые слова: Kirghizistan, Soviets, Manas Legend, Manas Conference

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