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On the Kür/Kül “Brave, Hero” Word

Аннотация: The debate about the kür/kül word, which is the subject of many studies due to the name Kül Tigin, continue seven today. In the light of the description of Mahmut Kashgari in the DLT, this word is read and interpreted as the "lake", is not found in theTurkish title tradition in this sense. It is necessary to evaluate the kür/kül word again in this context and to place it independently of the Kashgari in the context of this title which is compatible with the Turkish title tradition. The kür/kül word will also be studied again by moving from the sources in this frame and moving from / r / ? / l / sound change (alternance).

Ключевые слова: Kül "brave, heroic”, Kür "Brave, cheat", Kül Tigin, Alternance of /r/? / l /

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