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Comparative Constructions in Yakut and Altai (A Comparative Analysis)
Svetlana Mitrofanovna PROKOPIEVA-Nikolay Nikolaevich EFREMOV

Аннотация: The main Yakut and Altaic comparative constructions types are analyzed from the comparative-contrastive aspect, which revealed common and different parameters due to common typological features and systematic structural characteristics. The common parameters include functioning nominal comparative constructions of the synthetic and analytic types as well as manifestation of synthetic and analytic-synthetic structures. Indicators of comparison do not agree in the plane of expression except the ablative case form and the syntactic indicator formed from the auxiliary verb ????- / ???- . These indicators are polysemantic. Yakut constructions feature active functioning of the analytical means ?????? whereas the structure with the synthetic comparative indicator –??? dominates Altaic.

Ключевые слова: comparative construction; synthetic type; analytic type; nominal and verbal constructions; Turkic languages

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