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Problems in English Language Teacher Training in Turkey

Аннотация: Learning and speaking English is a necessity in our globalized world as it serves the function of being a shared language-a lingua franca. Beyond being a common tool of communication among cultures, it also has a critical function for gaining access to knowledge and function in international settings. In Turkey, so as to meet the growing need for English language instruction, up to the present time, there have been intense endeavours at all levels of educational system ranging from primary education to higher education institutions. It is no doubt that the resulting situation seems unsatisfactory mostly because there have not been any sustainable stabile and reliable educational policy. Therefore, the approaches pursued and the models applied were all temporary. Language teacher training is one integrative part of English language teaching process and problem in Turkey. This paper focuses on the challenges in English language teacher training.

Ключевые слова: English language, Teacher training, Challenges, Turkey

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