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A Humorous Letter and a Document About Aviculture: The Letter Written by Vahyi Efendi the Sheik of Balat and Send to Hasan Pasha the Governor of Bagdat

Аннотация: In Ottoman period, letters have a very important position and function to reveal the humour. The letter written by Vahyi Efendi the sheik of Balat and send to Hasan Pasha the governor of Bagdat can be considered as an original sample from this point of view. In this letter humour was aimed by aviculture and aviculture affected the letter’s form and theme properties. Because of this we can see that this letter doesn’t have the properties of Ottoman letter writing rules. For us, the letter’s dynamic structure based on the ‘performance’ has the great effect on this situation. On the other hand, aviculture, the letter’s connection to reality, is another import part of the letter. By this property, this letter becomes an document about aviculture.

Ключевые слова: Humour in Ottoman period, humorous letter, aviculture, Vahyi Efendi the sheik of Balat, Hasan Pasha the governor of Bagdat

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