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Novels by Bekir Büyükarkın

Аннотация: Bekir Büyükarkın was born in 1921 and died in 1998. The novelist who had literary works of different genres that is; novels, stories, drama and poetry, is mostly known for his historical novels written between the sixties and eighties. In this article, after a short introduction with the literary personality of Bekir Büyükarkın and the contents of his works, some information about his life is given. His novels along with his stories plays and poetry are given in the form of a table including their printing years. Under the heading "Bekir Büyükarkın'ın Romancılığı" (Bekir Büyükarkın's Fiction) is the evaluation of his twelve novels in terms of content, space, time, and personality. In the conclusion section, final remarks are given about Bekir Büyükarkın's novels and fiction.

Ключевые слова: Bekir Büyükarkın, literature, novelist, historical novel

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