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The Presentation of the Character in Fictional Narrative: Reference and Ellipsis as a Textualization Strategy

Аннотация: There can be many theoretical approaches to studying, analyzing and evaluating the structure exhibited in literary texts containing the most specific use of natural languages. Literary theories and literary criticism suggest different reading or interpreting methods for literary texts. This article focuses on evaluating the features of constructing concrete linguistic units that can be directly observed in fictional narratives. Thus, it is aimed to contribute to the analysis and interpretation of literary texts frequently used in educational and teaching settings. In this study, drawing from theoretical accumulation of different fields of linguistic study, the basic conceptual framework is established with the criteria of textuality. It is pointed out that information structure in the text and "reference and ellipsis" among the tools of cohesion achieved through linguistic and lexical relations have directive power in interpreting the message out of the fictional narratives.

Ключевые слова: Textlinguistics, textuality criteria, fictional narrative, reference, ellipsis, character

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