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A Linguistic Analysis of the Academic Article Titles

Аннотация: The title of an article is the element that captures the reader's attention, informs the reader about the content, and greatly influences the reader’s decisions about reading the text or not. Because of this feature particularly in the last 20 years in Western literature - in parallel with the increasing number of academic journals - there have been more studies on the titles. Nowadays, some linguistics are told about "titlelogy" as a lower branch of text linguistics. However, they are not studied much in Turkish context. The previous studies in this context have evaluated the titles in terms of text writing rules. In this present study, the titles were investigated from a linguistic point of view in order to fill this gap. In this respect, the titles of the academic article have been examined from four different perspectives: (i) length, (ii) textual organization, (iii) types and (iv) punctuation.

Ключевые слова: Article titles, title length, title types, textual organization, punctuation in titles

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