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On The Origin of the Pseudo-Carian Glosses And the Hurro-Urartian Lexical Loans in Turkic
Orçun ÜNAL

Аннотация: The present study deals with a number of glosses which appear in the Byzantinian sources, most of them in Ethnica of Stephanos Byzantinos, and are labeled as Carian. As these glosses are not actually attested in Carian inscriptions, they are called pseudo-glosses in the relevant literature. Six of these pseudo-Carian glosses are examined and for all of them, Turkic etymologies are proposed which reach into the depth of (Pre-)Proto-Turkic. It is asserted that the glosses which surface as Carian in the works of the Byzantinian historians may have entered into Anatolia by the Cimmerians or by the Turukku which were in close contact with the Urartians and Hurrians, respectively. Therefore, thirty-seven similar lexical items in the Hurro-Urartian and Turkic vocabularies are listed. It has been concluded that these may be Urartian loanwords in Turkic. Based on these correspondences, the phonological features of Pre-Proto-Turkic are discussed. The supposition that the Cimmerian population was partly Turkic-speaking and their language was the donor of the pseudo-Carian glosses and the recipient of the Urartian loanwords proves to be the most plausible one.

Ключевые слова: Stephanos Byzantinos, Carian language, Proto-Turkic, Cimmerians, Hurrian, Urartian

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