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Initial Consonants /t/- and /d/- in Old Anatolian Turkic
Hakan AKCA

Abstract: : There are some problems arising from the use of the Arabic alphabet in Turkic languages. Due to these problems, some of the phonetic features of the historical Turkish dialects have not been fully identified. For example: Displaying more than one sound in Arabic alphabet with a single sign makes it difficult to differentiate between the initial phonemes like k/g, o/u or ö/ü in the first syllables of Turkish words written in Arabic alphabet. Studies on the Old Anatolian Turkish have made considerable progress and even almost all the linguistic features of this period have been identified, but in the Old Anatolian Turkish, the issue of the initial phoneme /t/- or /d/- has not yet been fully resolved. In the studies carried out to date about this subject, it has been said that the initial consonant /t-/ usually transforms to /d-/ in the front vowel words, but it is preserved in the back vowel words. Choosing / t/- or /d/- is seen to be a confusing issue. In this article, in the Old Anatolian Turkish, the case of initial consonants /t/- and /d/- with the back vowel words will be explained.

Keywords: Old Anatolian Turkish, Phonemes, Initial Consonants t- / d-, Value of the sound Tı (?)

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