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A Medical Text Written In the Old Anatolian Turkish: Kâmilü's-Sınâ¡ati't-Tıbbiyye’
Mustafa KOÇ

Аннотация: This article contains new remarks and assesments to remove the ambiguities appearing in the translated version of a Turkish medical book “Kâmilü's-Sınâ¡ati't-Tıbbiyye” which is partly translated into modern Turkish. This paper focuses on some translation deficiencies or mistakes that started with Adıvar's assesments and continued by followers, Umur Bey, the period of the translation, an examination of the Istanbul copy that is the completed version of the translation with a criticism of formerly proposed ideas on the translation. With this study, it is aimed to support the maintainance of the studies on the history of medicine on a sounder basis.

Ключевые слова: Kâmilü's-Sınâ¡ati't-Tıbbiyye, Old Anatolian Turkish, Umur Bey, Timur Taş Paşa oğlu Umur Bey, Medicine history

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