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The Function of Azerbaijan Poems for Teaching Social Values and Norms

Аннотация: There are a number of values and norms in community life living in the society and created by the society with the functions for ensuring and supporting social welfare. They are adopted and desired by the majority. This system of values and norms, instructive for the interaction between individuals to take place in a healthy and compatible way, involves some pattern behaviors, avoidance and prohibitions. The disruption or disappearance of this system which offers the society and individuals the opportunity to learn and judge “what is right or wrong”, “what is good or bad”, and “what is beautiful or ugly” may prevent the sustainability of unity, functionality and continuity of a society. In teaching this system of values and norms that formalise the viewpoint of the society, short poems (manis), myths, fairy tales, and legends come into play. In the article, the function of Azerbaijan poems for teaching social values and norms is emphasized, considering some sample texts. As a result of this evaluation, it is seen that Azerbaijan poems feature the matters such as patriotism, manliness, friendship, bravery, pride, honesty, effort, modesty, fidelity, loyalty, avoiding from cruelty and injustice, esteem, respect. This finding also serves to suggest the distinctive characteristics of Azerbaijan Turks.

Ключевые слова: Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan poem, social values, norms, function

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